Why SSB?

The above is a mini print from a painting of Susan Seddon-Boulet, called 'Ishtar'. I've been a huge admirer of Boulet for a very long time but someone recently sent me a card with the above image on it. That's how this series took off.

I keep an area in the torcher chamber that I call my inspirational corner. :-) It's filled with toys, news articles, pieces of rock or shell, etc. Right now it's filled with mini Boulet prints. It seems that it will be for a while. I am totally psyched on this series, as you can tell. Sometimes I just get like this.

This is the first set that I made in this series...
"Ishtar is a multilayed Babylonian creator goddess, the source of all life and embodiment of the power of nature. She is the giver of plenty, a lawgiver, a judge, the goddess of time as well as the goddess of both love and war." "She represents the creative feminine, active and strong."

Well that's where it began and what I've been doing the last couple of weeks. If you any comments, pro or con, I'd love to hear it.

Peace in 2008!