More Lampwork Beads!!! More SSB serie pics.

I'm still working on the SSB series and lovin' every moment of it. It's great to be back in the saddle again. This is the reason why I got into lampworking in the first place.

The above is called Hathor: Hathor, a nourishing great mother goddess, is the Egyptian mother of all gods and goddesses. Usually portrayed as a cow, she is a sky goddess, queen of the heavens: the sun emerges from her womb and the moon from her breast.”“Hathor reminds us that we, too, must acknowledge all parts of ourselves, that we might call destructive is sometimes necessary to allow our creativity and compassion to flourish.”
Above is called High Priestess... "The priestess is the direct representative of the goddess on earth. She has direct responsibility for the functions that ensure fertility and ongoing creation.”“The High Priestess is a reminder of the innate wisdom in each of us. She demands that we connect the divine spark within and manifest it in the world.”
The above and below is called Thetis...“Thetis is a Greek sea goddess who represents fertility. She is a creator goddess, for all life begins in the sea, and she is usually portrayed as a Nereid (sea nymph): a beautiful, young, semidivine goddess fond of dancing and singing.”“As the personification of calm waters, Thetis is responsible for providing a peaceful sea. She is that center of peace and calm that is always available, even in the midst of changing forms.”
The below is part of my 'lets mix glass and gem stones together' phase. I keep making these sets because I like the concept. It's how I like to make jewerly.
I figure glass is good...stone is good...metal is good...but if you mix all three, it is GREAT!
Several of these sets are still up on Etsy...a few have already sold since this morning.

Ok...I've off to the torch...lots to do..more work coming.
Have a happy, creative day!