I've been busy again...lots of new lampwork

It's been a long weekend at the torch...I've been working with Double Helix's silver-laden glasses again.

I'm keeping the strand sizes smaller than my mongo numbers. It's jewelry designer season right now. Everyone is working on their inventory for the up coming spring and summer shows.
I had a huge number of requests for smaller, less pricey strands. That could make a couple pieces of art jewerly.
The below is one of my all time favorite strands!!!!
The below strand is also rather nice....
Most of the above strands have already sold on Etsy. I just put them up yesterday too. So thank you!!!!
I just put the above and below strands up on Etsy. I seriously considered keeping one of them. I have to start making some jewelry for myself folks! I just got a couple new shirts, both have that olive green in them. Oh well, maybe I'll take a day off to make some beads for ME.
The below set was made on a teal base. It's a color, like pink, I rarely use. Beats me why, it sure torches up nice.
Here' the last set of the day...slate blues....
Etsy has been keeping me hoppin'. I just got the convo/email that I cut the mustard with EGA, Etsy Glass Artists.
Sorry this is a drive by post...I'm busy as a cat in heat right now. Hopefully, it will calm down and I'll be back more often.
Have a happy, creative day!!!