The above is called Lilith...

“Lilith is a Middle Eastern goddess of abundance, fertility, and fecundity, the giver of agriculture to humans. The first woman created and the first wife of Adam, she refused to be subordinate to Adam in any way. Lilith is associated with the owl, a figure of darkness and deep wisdom, for she is also a goddess of death and transformation.” “Lilith challenges us to look upon our dark side and incorporate it into our wholeness so that our great beauty can blossom forth. “ (like the lotus flower)

The above and below is called Fortuna...

“The Roman goddess Fortuna was the same as an earlier Italian goddess who presided over the earth’s abundance and controlled the destiny of all human beings. Her name derived from Vortumna, ‘she who turns the year about.’ Came to symbolize the capriciousness of life and luck, the vagaries of fate as the wheel of life turns around. Her festival was celebrated in October.”

“Fortuna gives us a way to approach the ups and downs of life, a perspective that can offer us some equanimity as we proceed on our journey.”

The below is called Gaia.

“Gaia existed before everything; she existed before time. Gaia, the eternal, prehistoric earth mother goddess, is fertility incarnate, moist, mysterious, strong. She is life energy itself; everything that lives, breathing or not, overflows with life. She is the earth and all the powers of the earth. “

“As a goddess of the soul, Gaia reminds us that the soul develops in dark places and that ultimately soul must be rooted in the body, in earth. She is a reminder that we must ground ourselves in the reality of nature and incorporate all sides of ourselves, be they pleasant or unpleasant, light or dark.”
This focal bead is just a bit shy of 3 inches. It's very long...close up, in my hand, it has lovely shades of silvered blues in it. Another one of those beads that looks much better in hand than the pictures show.

I just posted all three in my Etsy store. It seems just about as soon as I post them, they dissappear. So if you want to take a peek at them, also look in the sold area as well.

I will also be posting some non-series beady dudes as well. I've been busy at the torch....ah, the joys of having no life.

Have a happy, creative day!