New Lampwork series

I've just got several huge shipments of glass in...mostly odd lots, some Double some things that I was out of. I'm spending so much time on the torch here lately that I'm melting though lots of glass. I've been working on a mini series (inspirational)...that's all the pictures below. They turned out great, if I do say so myself. They are currently up on Etsy if you want to see other pics. Several have already sold but still can be viewed.

There’s a place in Texas called “Potters Brown” in Edom. Edom is a quaint little town about four hours from Austin. It’s smack in between Dallas and Shreveport. During of my outings, got a bit lost and found Edom. I totally fell in love with the pottery and particularly with one platter. That is the inspiration for this entire group of sets called “Edom”.

To get the blending of hues and the ‘pottery’ favor that I wanted in these sets…I had to use several different types of glass. If the bead is 96 COE, then the entire bead is 96. If the bead base is 104 COE, then the entire bead is 104. Many of the colors are also hand mixed. I know, my OCD is acting up but I wanted to do justice to the pottery pieces that I saw. I needed a huge amount of different colors but many of them were very similar to each other. I had to rely on some color reactions, silver, and placement in the flame to get the right shade I was looking for.

The below is my favorite of the sets...
Last pic....
Thanks for looking at the pictures!!!! I'm in the process of testing out new color combos and finishing up a limited design series. I'll have pictures up are gonna love these for your new spring and summer jewelry. I kinda impressed myself this time. They are handshaped, encased rondels...they are totally fab as accent beads. The bead design gives a bit of bling to the color of the beads.

I'm off to the post office then to hit the torch. So much glass and not enough time.