New Lampwork beads...Groovy!

I got on a ‘groovy’ kick…this is one of the sets that resulted from that beady zone. These beads have lots of ‘groovy’ favors in a contemporary design. The black base visually pops the color up so that the beads look multi-dimensional. Wearing them will sure put a spring in your step and a wiggle in your butt.

The colors are blocked so that they are bold, dramatic, and have a visual punch to them. The chunky dots are just what the doctor ordered.

I kept the sets small, just he right size for a bracelet and pendent. Some also have earring beads too.
Here's a necklace set...
I'm getting ready to post these up on Etsy today.

Ok...that's it for the eye candy. I've been busy at the torch, lots of new glass has finally arrived. Plus I've been making disks. With jewelry making season upon us, I've been working on accent beads and very unique color combos.
I've been out looking at the spring fashions here in Austin. I've also been down to 6th street, peeking at all the really kewl stuff. It seems that there are a few new styles out there but really it's an anything goes fashion season! Well, it is here in Austin.
Ok...I'm off....
Have a happy, creative day!