More Lampwork...a new series...lots of eye candy!

I've been busy at the torch last week but I did take a bit of a break. There comes a time that I just get burnt out on the torch; making beads all day, everyday isn't always wonderful.
The focal beads are from my ‘Four Corners Series’. It is a limited series that reflects the scenic views of the Fours Corners area of Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico.
I will be posting the Focals up on Etsy, sometime today. BTW, all the fumed beads have a metallic sheen that is hard to show in pictures. They all look much better in the hand.
All the focals have been fumed and have an organic favor to them.
Kodachrome Basin, Utah, has the most magnificent monoliths ever formed. The land is a masterpiece of nature and gives one a sense of awe. The below set reflects that section of the US.

They are highly organic with lots of smooth surface designs and are comfortable to wear within all your jewelry designs. These beady babies are some of my best work yet. They have the feel of comfort beads and a pure source of transformation. These beads have the potential of very dramatic pieces of wearable art jewelry. They would work well with number of natural stones including, but not limited to, turquoise, hessonite, apatite, sodalite, dravite tourmaline, sage amethyst (which is really a type of jasper), Brazilian jasper, natural coral, bronzite jasper,

To get the silver colors in the strand, I had to experiment with different colors of glass, and then fume them. My intention was to have each bead different, as the views of the basin, yet complement each other.
The below is one of my last sets from my 'Crazy Silvered' series. It has already been sold on Etsy.

The below is called 'Immolg'. It turned out just like I wanted. Not my normal colors but hey, I needed a break. It is currently up on Etsy.
The below set is made from mostly odd lot vetrofond glass. Odd lot ivory, odd lot olive green, odd lot bluish purple, odd lot violet, odd lot terra cotta, odd lot apricot, odd lot turquoise green, dark periwinkle, old lot brown, odd lot sea shell, old lot opal yellow, and silvered ivory.

The past couple of weeks, it’s been really hard for me not to be using the new Vetrofond odd lot glass. The colors are just super; they remind me of my ol’mud puppy days. Maybe that’s why I can’t seem to get them out of my torcher area. Sooner or later, I’m going to run out of this glass because Vetrofond doesn’t make it anymore.
The last week, my Etsy store was looking pretty bare. Actually, it's still looking a bit lean. It seems that when the sets go up, they don't stay up. It must be jewelry designing season. So if you see something that you want, grab it. I don't think I will be taking anymore customs until mid-summer, after our move. to the torch for me...I've got another idea that I want to try.
Have a happy, creative day!