Lots of Lampwork Beads...Pink...New Series too!!

Every once in a while...I've got lots to write about. Today is one of those days.

Ann Marie Hodrick and I collaborated on a necklace for a Katrina Charity Auction. If you would like to view this piece...click this LINK. The person in the video is Ann Marie's sister..." Peggy Monastra, director of promotions for G. Schirmer Music Publishers, talks about her career and the business of music publishing."

Normally I’m not much of a PINK person but I loved making the below set. These pinks are rockin’ and have a pert ‘n’ perky favor to them. It’s all Gaffer, either plain oltransparents or opaques…or veiled cane. I just played with shapes, including lots of disks. There are also lots of disk pairs for earrings. This set just screams Giget at Malibu beach (surf’s up)…Giget in Paris…Giget in Milan…Giget in love. Of course, the name of the bead set is Giget. :-) The beads look so much better in hand than in this picture.

The below is a new series called Sky Nuggets. From my Pow Wow trail days, I received the love of turquoise and coral, pottery, and beadwork. I also found the stories from the tribes enlightening and thought provoking. One of the legends come from the tribes is about turquoise being the fallen sky stone. The Pueblos tell stories about when the rains came, the People danced and celebrated. When their tears of joy mixed with the rain, then the Earth drank, the rest was to become the SkyStone…or Turquoise. That is the inspiration to these Sky Nuggets.

The beads are heavily crystal clear encased then hand shaped. The encasements just make the colors pop and can add a bit of bling to your designs. I add texture so that they resemble turquoise nuggets. This is a limited series of many different colors but the influence and shapes are the same. They are wonderful for bracelets, necklaces, and just about anything you can think of. The texture catches the light and gives a sparkle back.
The above set is called Lily Pond...below is called Night, which matches a lot of the amazonite that I've gotten in. The below is called Dragon Scale.
The below is called Copper Patina.
The below is called Fancy Dancer.
The lampwork bead sets are from a limited series but I will do custom colors if you contact me. All the above sets are already in my Etsy shop.
Ok...back to the torch with me...I'm working with Double Helix glass today...got lots of pretties.