Happy Beady New Year!!!!!

It's also color in motion time...Lenzing has put out their new colors for Spring of 2007. Just in time for us beadmakers and jewelry designers to GEAR UP for our next season!!!!! The colors are totally fab to work with too. Here's a direct URL that you might find of interest....

Now for more eye candy!!!! Drum roll please.....more LAMPWORK BEADS, like you that wasn't coming. :-) The below set is made from the new Vetrofond odd lots...yeppers, it's Viva La Oddlots. I really enjoying the the glass that is out there. There is just so much to choose from now days. It's like being cat in a bird sanctuary. :-)

The below is made from 96 COE furance/reduction glasses. Some of my favorites to work with. This set turned out extra nice.
The below is a rather easy set to make but it takes a bit of time to lay out al the glass and to clean up from it. It's make up a huge number of transparents and silvered ivory. It's one of those sets that is going to be totally lovely to make jewelry with.
Here's another view of the same set...the colors are happenin'.
Here's a bracelet set, just enough beads for 1 or 2 bracelets....depending on your design style.

It's a glorious day here in Austin...just about 55 degrees, bright sunshine, and a cloudless sky. So guess what I'm doing? I've got the doors open and the blinds up in the studio...the kiln is heating up...I'm getting ready to make some BEADS!!!! Well that's after I do some Etsy listings...I've got a few Pottery Charms bead sets left, not many...they are being adopted quickly.
Have a Happy BEADY Year and a peaceful holiday!