Yeppers...more lampwork!

Ok...I'm back again, with more pictures. This time, I took the pictures outside. I liked how they turned out. Many times, folks tell me that when they receive my beads that my pics don't do them justice. Glass patterns can be so complex that it really needs to be viewed up front and personal. The camera, the way I take pics, can't give the layering or depth of the bead. When I'm working with 96, I know there is no way that I can show anyone how reduction and metallic hues almost blur into fragments of color.

I just posted all of the below on Esty last night...

The below is one of my favorite sets of all times. the color is layered and almost wet blended.
This is a simple set but it's made from an odd lot...I just loved the color but I'm not sure that I can get more glass. Oh well...I still have 2 rods left for ME!

That's it for the show...I've got a house to clean and feel the itch to start a new biggie set.

Have a happy, creative day!