New Lampwork BEADS!...Pottery Charms

First off...I wish everyone a warm, peaceful, and creative New Year. It is my hope that there will come a time, that peace will reign instead of the Bush administration. Just remember, where there is hope, there is potential!

I've been kinda busy...thank you to many of you that have been shopping at my Etsy store. I ended today with catching up with all my paperwork. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEck...what a nightmare, but it's done. All customs for 2008 done, all orders placed have been mailed, and my desk is a total mess. I only have a few things to catch up but I will take care of that in a few minutes...then I can shut the door on 2007! I'm not saying it's a lousy year but I've had better.

Now back to our regularly scheduled program...BEADS! I've been on the torch playing with the new 104 COE raku glass....yippy, it's kewl. Sticky but kewl to work with. Most 104 COE glass can be laid on top of each other in the kiln, this stuff can't. It's more like most furnace glasses.

Anyway, the below beads come from a mini series called, 'Pottery Charms'. Some are on Etsy currently if something strikes your fancy. Some have already been sold. Some I will finishing putting up on Etsy this evening...maybe. I'm not going out this evening but I really have a book that I want to read. :-) It's the new one out by Kim Harrison.

Ok...that's the end of the eye candy...I'm off to do something. Mmmmm....the idea of reading is winning.
Have a happy, creative day!