New Etsy beads this week!!!!

I've been busy as a cat in heat...the Muse juice has been flowing. That and I've been a bit overwhelmed with customs and keeping up on my Etsy sales. I also want to thank everyone for their kind comments on the blog...for some reason, Blogger won't let me make comments. Beats me why too. I can post blog entries but can't do anything else? I will try to figure this issue out soon.

Here's a mini series that I worked on for a period of a couple of weeks. It's sets of beads that can be used with gemstones, wire, or what ever but they are in organic hues. I got on an accent bead kick and just kept going. There are odd lots, encasements, furnace glass, fine silver burnishes, fumed, spot name it, and I worked it. :-) These are beads that I was going to keep for myself except I just don't have the time to make jewelry anymore. I've been so busy the last couple of months selling beads, that jewelry is now a sideline until we move.

(180) The below is a set of 18 beads, that average 8.25mm by 12.75mm. The Etsy price…$30.

(172) The below is a set of 26beads, that average 8mm by 11.25mm. The Etsy price…$42.
(173) The below is a set of 15 beads, that average 10mm by 14.25mm. The Etsy price…$30
(174) The below is a set of 12 beads, that average 7.75mm by 13mm. The Etsy price…$25.
(175) The below is a set of 12 beads, that average 10mm by 15mm. The Etsy price…$35.
(179) The below is a set of 18beads, that average 8.5mm by 14mm. The Etsy price…$35

I've got lots and lots of pictures done!!!!! Yippy! You know what that means? More Etsy beads, lots of Etsy beads. I've still on the torch daily too! I just pulled 2 sets from the kiln this morning and was very PLEASED with the kiln fairy. She did me goooooood...these beady babies are in hues of cobalt, browns, and violet.

OK...I"m off. Have a happy, creative day!