More Lampwork Bead Sets...

I'm back again...(of course I am, this is my blog). :-) The below is something I've been working on. Lots of pairs and colors but still organic. After I make one of these take me about an hour to fully clean my torcher chamber. I've got glass, frit, and silver everywhere. Even though the colors look much the same, they aren't. I used four different shades of blues. All 96 COE but from different companies.

Anyway, my desk looks like glass monster puked on it. The thing is, that I used so many different types of glass that I have to clean up after every set. Just because I'm working with 96 COE, I'm a purest. If I work with Kugler, I work with mostly Kugler. The same with Gaffer. If I work with 104, I work with 104. I will mix Italian and German with American...but not always. There are certain colors in Germany that don't interface well with Italian. There there is some of the newer types...ASK and CIM. Most of CIM is fine there are a couple that anneal at different temperates so I just stay away from them.

The below was an experiment...I think it has potential. I'll get working on it. I really do like how this set turned out though. It just took forever to get all the twisties pulled for this set.
That's it for me....I've got two kilns full of beads to clean in the morning. Since I worked with furnace glass most of the day, I had to ramp up the other kiln. When I work with furnace glasses, I take up a huge amount of space in the kiln....the glass is sticky and will leave touch marks if the beads are too close.

I've got several strands of beads that I will be putting up on Etsy this week. Some of them are very kewl.

It's time for snooze land for me!

Have a happy, creative day!