More testing...

I've been busy, busy, busy...that's why I haven't been around. I've been redoing my inventory tracking system. That took forever to get done. Since that's done, I also started testing new glasses that I've gotten in. Lots of new odd lots (some I like and some, well...icky), lots of American silver-laden glasses from Double Helix, and a bunch of stuff that I've been out of.

Most lampworkers, as well as any other artist or craftsman, has to spend time working with new raw materials and tools. Gotta keep up with the changing world around us. So there a times, that I just sit at the torch and experiment. More often than not, I don't get a lot of sets that is shown to the public.

Right now I'm working with the American silver-laden glasses from Double Helix. I got my paws on some odd lots. :-) Anyway, when you are looking at $100 per pound of glass, it doesn't take long to start racking up some pricey beads. Anyway, do you really want to know what goes into making beads and testing new glasses? Nah, it's here's some eye candy.

The above is a mix of several different odd lot ivories, Double Helix's Gaia, opal yellow, and silver plum. The below is KAPOW is the NEW color of 2008. So I made a set in just ain't your Granny's blue. :-)
The below is more organic, more earth yet has a tribal favor. Smaller sets seem to be what everyone is wanting so I've scaled back my number of beads.
The below picture doesn't do these beads justice...they are a fab set. I prefer designing and wear jewelry that is mostly tabs because they are do comfortable to wear. There is a lot of room for color yet they don't have the weight.
The below is a set that is currently up on Etsy...more Gaia, more odd lot ivories.
The below is a set that is one of my favorites...the focal turned out totally kewl. It took me several tries to get the look that I was going for. Anyway...all of these beady dudes are either up on Etsy or will be in the next couple of weeks. If you find something that you can't live without, email me or take a peek on Etsy.

Speaking of Etsy, I'm having a small sale there. I'm cleaning up my shop a bit. I've got too much stuff on there. When I go to work on my sections, it takes forever to bring it up.
OK...back to work with me...I'm off to start my day and get some torch work done.
Have a happy, creative day!