I've been busy at the torch and takin' pictures again...well, I'm always doing that. That seems to be my life right now. I've got a huge amount of new glass hopefully you will starting seeing of different and more interesting things soon. The number of new types of glasses, the new colors, and the shapes has changed. Beads are like fashion and IT combined...there's a huge amount of new raw materials coming to light but color and designs are also changing. So lets see if I can keep up. :-)

The below set is a mini set...I really like this one, it's just one of those sets that going to be easy to work with in jewelry designs. It's just a classic and is in my Etsy store.

I fell in love with the color combos with these beads (both above and below). They both are currently in my Etsy store.
The below set will be up on Etsy sometime today. I'm on a 'easy to design with' kick. :-)
These are minis...petite beads for accents. I've been making a lot of these mini sets of petite beads. They look great with stone and metals. These babies just scream, stone though.
OK...that's it for me...I've got to pack up and deliver all my orders...then hit the torch. I've got a couple of new ideas what I want to work on.
Have a happy, creative day!