Yes, even more beads!

I'm back seems that my blogger thingie is back. Sometimes when I get busy with life in the studio, my blogger thingie just goes on vacation. Which at times is good for me. for the beady dudes. The below is a new set of matted copper green and a couple different browns. They turned out with nice details...well in my opinion.
The below is some large hole beads that were made on 1/8th inch mandrels. I'm finding that this size is rather kewl to work with. Not only I like making the beads, I like working with them. They are variable & muse-able (if that is a word) when it comes to unique jewelry designs. (Ya know, a picture is worth a thousand words so I'll work on some photos of some of the jewelry that I've made...soon.)
Here's a focal from a series (Shore & Sand) that I really haven't worked on much.
Here's the bracelet cubes from the same defunked series. I don't know, I might re-visit the series later. I liked the result but got kinda bored quickly making the beads.'s the last of the raku sets for a bit. This is a nice'in...with lots of blues and copper accents. Click on the pic for a better view of them. It's bead sets like these that keep me going back to raku.

Ok...that's it for today. I'm really going to work on my Etsy store. I know, I know...I keep saying that but it's finally at the top of my list. I have to do something, I've got over 60 sets of beads that have to go some where. They need I just got another shipment of glass in. So you know what that means...MORE BEADS. :-) Plus I will do a grand opening sale.
Have a GREAT day!