Ready for more lampwork beads!!!

Yeppers, I've been a bit's lots of beads that I just put up on Etsy. I love Etsy...BTW, have you taken the handmade pledge? Take a peek, you'll be glad you did.

The below is a close up of a bead...dud. :-)

Here's the rest of the set. These have been made from an odd lot named Olympia. It is no longer made from Double Helix Glass. It’s hard to catch all the depth and various hues with a camera lens. It looks like flowing water within the beads Here's another sets of Shore, and it's my last. Down by the shore! The Tile beads are wonderful for bracelets and the Focal Nugget make up into a lovely pendant. Lots happenin’ in these beads; encasements, lots of fine silver, and patterns.
More Double Helix glass...ain't it yummy?
My smilin' bead dude:
Growl…doesn’t that just say it all? This set features a flattie bracelet strand…feels and looks great on the wrist. Lots of canvas without the weight. The focal disk looks fabulous without the fuss…just add a silk ribbon or cord and poof, you have a impressive necklace. The beads have a metallic shine to them with lots of fine silver mixed in.
I'm slowly adding lots of jewelry to my Etsy shop...if you get a chance, stop in and tell me what you think. If you see anything wacky, let me know.
That's it for today...I've got to get back to the torch!
Have a great one!