Peach Blow Glass...More Lampwork Beads

I don't know why...but I love these beads.

This is a simple set but in an unusual glass color called Gaffer Salmon. It’s an older hue that is similar to Peach Blow glass. It has color reactions to other glass, silver, and even where the bead is made in the flame. The frit I used is one of my own recipes. The glass is supper heated to bring out the peachy hue but slowly so that I didn’t burn out the color. It turns white if you do. There’s lots of shine and glass reactions happening because of the amount of fine silver that I added. One of the color reactions is an olive green and a terra cotta hue. There is also silver veining that produced an organic favor to the beads.

Anyway, they will be up in my Etsy store in a little while.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day...I'm off to finish up my computer stuff and then run out to do errands.