Lots of NEW Lampwork Beads!!!

LOOK OUT ETSY, HERE I COME. That's exactly how I feel. :-) I've finally figured out the Etsy system of picture loading, how to find out what has been sold, and how to BUY lots of stuff. There is a huge amount of really kewl, handmade items from some very talented artists there.

Anyway...here's a set that has already been sold but I liked it so well, I thought I'd share a pic with ya.

Here's another that I like...I think that my tastes in beads aren't the same as everyone elses. Ain't it a grand thing? Beads are the 'good stuff' in life. The below is a really kewl set...I've got several small sets in these hues that I'm in the process of adding to my Etsy store.
These are lovely...I mean the flame totally out did herself with these beads.
Here’s a bead set that I was rather pleased with. Many times I have issues with matching up the greens of lampwork with stones. This time, I add nine different hues of green. So I know that there is a lady stone out there waiting for these beady dudes.
Well that's it for the eye candy.

Have a wonderful weekend...I'm off to work on my beady write ups.