Lampwork Folk Art hues

I finally got this batch of lampwork beads photographed. The colors come from an painting that an outside artist did. I would of liked to of bought the painting BUT it was a bit out of my price range right now. Anyway, the colors are black, a bit of yellow, mango (the old tequila coral), dark periwinkle, red, lime (another odd lot), two different violets, and white.

The above are mini dotty beads. I like using these as smaller accents in bracelets or necklaces. The below are my typical nugget shaped beads, good for bracelets, mini focals, or necklace accents. I also made a bunch of matching pairs for earrings.
The below is a dotty focal that I think that turned out some matched pairs. I've been experimenting with the smaller nugget sized beads (the ones with the hearts below) as earring pairs.
The below is a fun set...same colors but they have more of a perky favor to them.
AND of course...large hole beads. I've been on a roll with these. They are just so easy to work with. So try to at least to do a mini set with every large batch of beads that I do.
Well that's it for the picture show. Now for what's happenin''s really cooled down here. I even have to wear a jacket when I go outside. I'm still workin' on photos for the Etsy store. I'm still workin' on cleaning the studio. BTW, the studio is getting much better. It would get better much faster is I didn't just get a glass order in, a bunch of new bags of frit, and all the stuff I wanted to work on some mixed media work. Oh well, the joy of getting new packages in. I really don't know what I did before the Internet. Well I do, I didn't spend as much money. :-)

Have a great day!