Etsy Beads

OK...some of you have asked when I was going to get off my lazy duff and put up an Etsy story.'s up...kinda of. I've been putting up a handful of bead sets everyday. Here I am if you are interested.

I'll be adding bead sets for the next couple of days...or longer. I didn't know I had so many bead sets. I think I've got over 60 sets yet to write up. The thing is that I really like making beads...I don't even mind cleaning them and re-dipping mandrel...but I hate to write descriptions of them. I guess what I dislike most about the whole write up process is the photography part. I just can never get the pics to look right. For example, the below set is actually very lovely...the beads are spot and double encased...the color in them are totally fab...yet I can't take a decent pic of them. BTW, this is a new shape that I'm workin' on...flatties. I didn't another set in different colors as a custom and decided that I really liked making them What I really like is how they look in bracelets.

Here's another set in the same color combo.

Here's some large hole beads (1/8th inch mandrels)...yeah they are dotty but ya know, I really am beginning to like dots again. There are certain color combos that scream "DOTS". :-) The studio clean up is still going on...I've been out picking up organizers and packed up a lot of my old 2-D supplies. That's given me some more space.

Well that's it for toady...I'm off to run some errands and pick up my glasses. Ya know, I never used to have to wear glasses most of the time. Now...well, it just sucks to get old sometimes. :-)

Have a wonderful weekend!