What's been happenin'...lots of new lampwork jewelry pieces

I took a bit of a vacation from my computer screen. I spent the time in the studio, getting some things done around the house, and playing with the kitties. BTW Mouse is doing well. We finally got her to the vet for her last set of shots sooooooo...she's now one of the family.

Remember when I wrote that I was going to get some of the silk ribbon necklaces done. Well I did and I got some pictures.

The above is the close up of the lampwork and beads on the necklace. The below is the entire necklace. It is 36 inches in length and adjustable.

I liked how all the silk ribbon necklaces worked up. I also liked making them so you will be seeing more of them in the future. I made a few for myself as well. They just look great with just about everything.
The below is simple necklace...easy to wear...goes with just about everything too. I've been spending a little bit of time at the silver torch. I'd spend more but most of my silversmithing tools are packed and I'm not bothering to unpacking them now. I figure we will be moving in spring.

Ok...here's a necklace. The pictures suck but it's looks lovely on. The drape of the piece was tailored to be worn on a real life neck.

Here's a simple necklace with one of my lampwork focals.

There's another necklace with one of my lampwork focals....I have to admit that this piece is one of my favorites. The focal is made from one of the silvered glasses out there now. I am just not good enough of a photographer to grab on to all the hues and iris tones of the glass.

Well that's end of the picture show...I've got lots and lots of beads that I will get pictures of soon. Currently I've got just about every mandrel I own with a bead on it. I just haven't felt like cleaning beads. Ya know, I'm gonna be real sorry that I did this. I like being on the torch, love opening the kiln the next day, but I hate cleaning beads. I have over a week's worth of torch sessions to clean. So instead of doing a little every day...I will spend one entire day on the dremel and my hands in bead poop.

Besides all of that...what I've been listening to while I've been on the torch has been The Mists of Avalon. I've read the book many moons ago but listening to the audio is totally fab. I'm a member of Recorded Books Unlimited I do listen to a lot of books. :-) I'm not a fan of TV and there's really too much noise to listen to music so I've turned into an audio book addict.
Does anyone else listen to audio books while they work? If so, any recommendations? So far I've been listening to mostly series...like Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series or Elizabeth Peter's Amelia Peabody series. The problem is that sometimes I don't get the books in order. :-) So what I'm now looking for is single books so that it doesn't really make a diff in what order I listen to them.
Well...that's it for me. Hopefully I will get all my beads cleaned so I have pictures soon! I've also got several wire designs drawn out so hopefully you will see some of those finished pieces.
Same bat time...same bat place...have a great week!