New Lampwork Focals and Jewelry

I've been meaning to get some of the silk ribbon necklaces done. The below focal beads have already been made into pendents. Now all I have to do is finish up the necklaces.

Here's one of the silk ribbon necklaces that have a large hole lampwork bead and a disk. These work up totally fab. They can be dressed up or down. Look great with a basic dress but go well with jeans too.
The necklace is adjustable because I've added slider beads at the end of the ribbon. I'm thinking that this necklace is going to find it's way into my collection. I really like silk ribbon necklaces. They go well with turtlenecks in the winter but they also look great with t-shirts (ya know Texas weather and all). They also are great for folks that have metal allergies. Even though I normally only work with sterling or fine silver, there are folks out there that can't wear any metal.

Well, that's the end of the show for today. I've got a kiln full of beads that I've got to get cleaned.
Have a happy, creative day!