Lots of new lampwork beads!

Howdy Everyone...

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Just to let you know that all the orders from the website and customs have been spend out by Saturday. You should be receiving your beady dudes soon. There's not much let in the lampwork section of my website. Thank you everyone...I hope to see you on Etsy.

I am accepting customs again, starting next week. I will also be placing a couple sets up on eBay. I've got the all the pics and write ups done within my eBay template sooo....I thought what the hell since they are ready to go. Then after that...it will be very rare that I do eBay again.

I've been working on lots of new encasements...smaller sets that can be used within jewelry designs.

Here's another example of my older style of 'chaos beads' that you used to see a lot of. I recently started making them again. They are the perfect style to mix and match natural gem stones with. You will be seeing a lot of this style again. The below is an example of one of my companion sets. This set is one of the more simpler ones. The base is a pale gray and the spacer beads have add silver on top. The focal has been encased after I applied silver and a small amount of baking soda. That's were the bubbles come from. :-) I like this type of style because they give visual interest to a necklace when I use mainly gemstones. Plus I was having problems in finding kewl accents to add to gems like smokey quartz and dragon scale turquoise.

The below couple of sets are more companion set but from my "Neato" series.

Here's a strand of "Neato" beads...just wonderful brights with lots of earring pairs. Brights again...one of my last for the season. Fall is just beginning here in Texas. Well the leaves and acorns are falling but it's still in the high 80's during the day. :-)
Well that's it for today...I'm off to the eye doctor. Gotta get my peepers check!
Have a happy, creative day!