Lots of Lampwork Beads...Bowls of Beads!

I've been doing lots of torch work instead of ....setting up my Etsy store...doing laundry...making jewelry...I even turned down going to a bead show! The weather here in Austin is just PERFECT to be on the torch. I'm just lovin' it. That's the up side...

The down side is that I have so many beads right now that I'm becoming overwhelmed with bead bowls. The above bowl has lots of beady dudes that have been encased with reduction and reactive frits. I have been experimenting with my own frit recipes. These look MUCHO nicer in person than in the pic. I've still got to divide them up into smaller sets.
There's another bead bowl...now these beady babies turned out really nice. This is one of Bead Goodies' frits called Turquoise Rain. I made all sorts of sizes of rondrells...they accent coral, turquoise, and yellow jade very well. I'm keeping some of these babies for myself.

The above is another Bead Goodies frit called Botanica. There's a shade of green that I couldn't get the photo so show that goes well with some of the limer (if that's a word) shades of stones. These are itty bitty sized for earrings. The above is one of my custom frit mixes...actually it a bunch of frit that I dropped on my desk by accident. That I scopped up and added some more frit then made beads. These too are encased and are mucho nicer in person. The middle strand was made on 1/8th sized mandrels.
The below is a 32mm lentil focal made with Double Helix silvered glasses. I really enjoy using the silver glasses but they sure are a PITA to photograph.

Here's a 32mm flat focal.
Here's a focal that I encased...here again, my encasements look much better in person. Does any of you have any photo tips for me regarding encasements? They seem to be my photo downfall.

Ok...it's beautiful and I'm off to the studio!!!!!!
Have a happy, creative day!