What I've been doing! Mouse update & more lampwork beads

Bob has been home for the past couple of weeks so we have been hanging out together. We’ve been playing with Mouse most of the time. Which is working out since she’s beginning to bond to us. The only problem is…we started playing with her by wiggling our toes under the quilt. Now, every evening she wants to attack the wiggle monster under the covers. Which is fine BUT she also attacks the ‘wiggle monster’ during the middle of the night…in the morning…just about anytime something moves. All-in-all, Mouse is doing well and adapting to our family.

I’ve been out shopping…I need clothes. I haven’t been mega shopping for several years. I was running out of t-shirts, PJs, undies, even jeans. It was getting to the point that I was going to start going naked at the torch. (Remember the burn? Well, that taught me a few lessons so rest assured, I won’t be doing torch work naked.)

I was very, very uninspired while shopping at most of the department stores. Most of the clothes either are for young women or working folks. Then the clothes that are supposed to be for causal middle-aged women…well, I wasn’t impressed with the styles. Nor was I impressed with fits. I was looking for comfortable yet clothing that reflect my lifestyle. So I decided to get back to basics…decent fitting jeans, comfortable shoes (birks as usual), and basic t-shirts. Can I say BORING!!!!!!

Then I found my sewing machine. So lets see if I can come up with comfortable yet artistic clothing. My imagination has been waking up my Muses. The fabric stores has opened up even more possibilities. So sewing is what I’ll be doing the next couple of weeks. It seems I’ve found a new hobby.

Here's what else I've been doing. I've been making accent beads for my jewelry designs. Where I enjoying making the more complex beads I really don't like them in most of my jewelry. Sometimes I do but...not here lately. I've been focused on making encased organic beads. Yeah, I know, that's not my norm. These beads look great with my sterling large link chains. The below beads look totally wonderful in person. I'm thinkin' that I might have to make something for myself with these babies.

Here's a pic of my bead bowl... Have a happy, creative day!