New Necklace Design...Maybe? Maybe not?

The below is a new necklace design that I'm working on. I haven't decided if I like it or not. It's pretty on and the hues in this necklace blend together well. I can already tell that if the hues aren't in sink, the design could get out of control rather quickly. :-) I used mostly Czech instead of cut crystal. That keeps the shinny aspect down and the cost. So it doesn't look like you are wearing a strand of X-mas lights around your neck since the tones are muted and a bit less shinny. Plus it doesn't break the checkbook. :-)

Don't get me wrong, I like cut crystal, both Swarovski and Austrian, but...not always. Sometimes too much of a good thing is just too much of a good thing. :-)

Here's another view taken in natural sunlight...

That's all I got...this puppie took a while to make. It's all the twisting for the fringe.
Other than that, we pick up my new car this evening. less thing taken care of before we move. Plus it's getting to the time of the year in Texas, that weekend trips are fun. It isn't so hot in Oct and Nov that I feel like I'm melting. So will be out and about next month.
That's it for today...I've got an overflowing kiln of new beads. More organic encasements!!!!
Have a happy, creative day!