New Lampwork Jewelry

Yeppers....more pics. The below is a simple bracelet of chain maille and lampwork. Lots of color but not overwhelming. It matches the below (bottom pic) necklace.
Yesterday, I was chatting about liking the more simpler bracelets. Here's another example. It still has visual drama without being busy. The beads are my lampwork and bronzite with lots of silver.
The below is a black and white (duh, like you can't see the pic or something) fringe bracelet. Again, my lampwork beads and seed bead fringe.

The below is another one of my cube seed beaded bracelets, just in another color. I like'll be seen more later. It's a timex (takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin') design. It looks much more impressive on than in the pic.
Lately I've been seeing lots of 'vintage' design styles out in jewelry land. Which I like but I'm not fond of base metals (except for a touch of copper here and there). Most of the base metals make me itch and turn my skin green. :-) So I'm workin' on styles that have the look but don't have the itch. Also I prefer designs that can last many seasons of fashion changes. Beadwork has that timeless feminine appeal that never goes out of style. So you will be seeing much more designs of beadwork in the coming months.
Here's the necklace that matches the first bracelet. Lots of color...lots of visual interest without being busy.
Well that's it for the picture show. Yesterday's beads turned out wonderful! I've got them 'bowled' on my designed desk. (these are MINE, all MINE :-)) Most of the beads that I've been making the last couple of months are just beginning to show up in my designs. That's one reason why I don't think I will fully give up lampwork. I need beads.
Yesterday afternoon, I spent on the little torch (silver). It was a smooth evening of working with silver again. All the goodies (chain, bracelets, earring components, and pendant components) are in the tumbler right now. Which I've got to go check on.
Today is my birthday so I'm takin' it easy today. (Yeah right...that's after I take the cat to the vet, clean the kitchen, pick up my glass area, and maybe go look at new cars.)
Have a happy, creative day!