More pics

Here's lots of earring eye candy. I've still got lots more pics to take of earrings. They seems to be the largest pile. I normally make at least two pairs per bracelet or necklace. Beats me why but it my habit. Then sometimes I just make earrings. Speaking of earrings...I do make my own earring hooks and even have a large pile of them BUT I keep reaching for the pre-made french hooks. They are my pref to wear unless it's the long oval ones that I make. Anyone else like that?

The below is one of those pairs that I was looking at my desk at the bits and bobs sitting there. Eureka...they were born.

Here's a necklace and earrings combo...nothing special but easy to wear and looks great on. Thanks everyone for the birthday greetings!!!! I really didn't have much time to celebrate. Bob and I tried to catch Mouse for her vet appointment. Someone must have treated here very badly before she came to live with us. Anyway, she didn't get to the vet and we have another appointment on Saturday. We did have a long convo with Dr. Tracey...she gave us some tips. Normally I don't have a problem getting a kitty in a carrier but Mouse is terrified.

After that...I went sock shopping. Yep, you read it correct...SOCKS. :-) While we out and about, Bob decided he wanted to look at new cars. So we went car shopping. He looked and I test drove. I test drove an Expedition...I didn't like it much. Too big. Then came the Taurus drove OK but it didn't have the space to do shows. Then the Edge...way too small and I really didn't like it much. Then came the Explorer...ooooo, it liked it. We were getting somewhere.

Then it was off the the Mercury-Lincoln we were talkin'. I really like the Mercury Mountaineer. The Lincoln MKX was very nice but a bit pricey for what I was willing to spend. Today Bob is going to take another peep at the Mountaineer and see if the dealership can find what we are looking for. It's got to have a tow package for the trailer (shows) and I prefer cloth seats. Leather looks great but I don't like it in summer or mid winter, even if it has heated seats.

Ok...that's it for me...I've got to check the kiln. I did get a few beads made yesterday evening. I had to do test beads. I made a couple test blends that I was planning to use today.

Have a happy, creative day!