I'm back...website up date coming...lots of new beads!

Hello Folks!

I’m back! I’ve been enjoying my time on the torch and working on some new jewelry designs. I just haven’t felt like sitting that the computer much. The pups normally spent their time under my desk in the office sooooo…I’ve been working on being places that don’t remind me so much of the both of them.

Mouse, the new kitty addition, is doing well. She was FINALLY cleared to hang out with the other two cats last week. She had a few health issues...the kind that I really didn't want to exposure the other furballs to. So far, everyone seems to either be getting along well or at least, tolerating each other. It’s been an easy transition to the family.

I’m back up on ebay this week…I took a couple weeks off. Thought it might be time that I returned.

I have also been working on a website up date. Here’s a few of the sets that will be up on the website sometime this coming week.

Well...that's it for tonight...I'm off to finish a book this evening. Have a wonderful weekend!