Holy Goddess of the Crapper

Many of you know, my hubby travels a great deal. For the last week and this week, he's been home...well, working at home in the office. Today, he decided to help me out and do a bit of cleaning. He's normally pretty good about helping out...he's a better cook than I am and even does laundry once in a while. I have no complains.

Today, he must of gotten really, really bored. He decided to clean the bathroom. I came in from the studio and smelled bleach. So I investigated. To my surprise, he was cleaning the tile walls in the bathroom. We have a deep walled tub that is oversized and a PITA to crawl into. (BUT it is the most wonderful tub for a bubble bath) It takes four normal sized shower curtains to surround the damn thing. When I say oversized, I ain't kidding. It could be swimming pool for short people. Anyway, it's a nice sized bath that is entirely in white tile with little blue accents. It was a rather peaceful and calming bathroom. Key word here is WAS.

I took another break and decided to look in again. (Side note here...Bob and I have been married for over ten years and this is the FIRST time that he has ever cleaned a bathroom. I was kinda pleased...actually I was totally amazed. )

Low and behold...I saw it....he decided to change out the shower curtains. HOLY GODDESS OF THE CRAPPER...my calm, peaceful bathroom turned into the Great Pumpkin on acid. That's what happens when you put up four screaming ORANGE shower curtains up in one bathroom. (My question is...where did he find them???)

One look and I went back out to the studio. (where the bathroom is purple) I'm on the torch thinking about it....I'm telling myself, it couldn't be that bad. I like orange and the shower curtains were transparent. Just how orange could it be?

So I went in for another peek. When the sun sets, light pours into the bathroom....there is an orange glow about the room now. If the door is open, you can actually see the glow from down the hall. Soooooooooooo....it seems that I was drifting in the river of denial. It's really that bad.

Mmmmm....there must be some sort of hidden moral to the story here. If you find it, please be sure to let me know. :-)

Have a happy, ORANGE day!