Different View...more jewelry pictures

I've been working on different types of lighting...different types of positions for my photography. It isn't enough anymore just to be a beadmaker, a designer, and silversmith...now I need to be a photographer and work on my MBA. I'm kidding about the MBA...I've got enough education for the time being. Now I have to figure out how to use it in real life.

The above necklace pic has been back lit and taken inside. The below was taken in natural sunlight. (BTW, I've got several of these type of waterfall necklaces on my desk...I just need to add all the accent beads...so more pics soon.)
Here's a closeup taken inside.
The earrings were laid flat, instead of my normal hanging style pic.

Inside & back lit...

Outside in natural sunlight...


I bet you are getting the idea by now. :-)
I know that the above bracelet and earrings aren't my normally busy work BUT I'm making several of them. I like them. Why you ask...it's because they work so well with so many of the clothing that I'm seeing. Just how much color can one wear at one time. Since I've started doing some sewing, I've found that busy jewelry and busy clothing don't work well together. Actually it's a bit humorous when I looked in the mirror. The eye can't focus on anyone thing so I felt like I was blurry. If that makes any sense.
Ok...time to go see what's in the kiln. I've got a huge pile of beads I made yesterday. I just never know what you will find in there. I'm hoping that I've got several small sets that will make into silk ribbon necklaces. Wish me luck...IT'S KILN TIME!
BTW...my sewing projects are coming along. Once I get something finished, I'll let you know.
Have a happy, creative day!