What do ya think? New Lampwork...again!

I've been experimenting on lampwork bead set sizes...actually the number of beads. The below set is ten sprees and one focal. Is this enough (Hey you...jewelry designers)? It's enough for me but I normally use a lot of wire, seed beads, or gemstones with my pieces.

The below is a bit larger...but is it too large or too small in number?
I'll be putting these up this week sometime on eBay.

Ok...I'm just about done with all the bagging and tagging of gemstones. I will be soooooooooooo glad when I'm done. In the long haul, the design cage will be the best design tool that I'll have. I wish I would of done it years ago. It's kinda hard to visualize to I'll take a pic when it's done.

Also has anybody been working with bronzite? I just got some in...the stone is totally fab.

Ok...I'm off to my cage. :-)

Have a happy, creative day!