New Lampwork Series...what's been happenin'!

Remember when I said I was working on a new series? Well here’s some of the pieces so far. There’s still lots more beads that I haven’t gotten photos of. The lampwork bead disks are the focals of the bead strands. The finished jewelry pieces will have lots and lots of gems stones as well…with some wire…with some complex beadwork. Maybe even some chainmaille. I haven’t decided yet. These will not be up on my website or on eBay. If you feel the need to possess any of these types of beads, let me know. The lampwork bead strands will be available by custom order only.

The new lampwork series is named Alchemy. It's the mix of fire and metals. Actually, Bob, my hubby coined the name.

The above and below disks are large. They actually fill the palm of my hand. Both are much nicer in person than in the pic. The metal highlights are hard to capture in a photo. Well, they are for me. :-)
The below disk has been spot reduced (most have) but it's easier to see in this photo.

The below is a nugget strand. I think these will make up into some lovely bracelets.

There's an example of how they might look as a necklace. It's only temp strung on some waxed linen that I can store it.

Here's some accent beads...lots more of these that I haven't taken pics of.
More disks...I've been kinda busy...with a small strand of flatties. I really, really like the flatties...they make up into a lovely bracelets. They are light and comfortable to wear yet are dramatic in designs.

That's all the pictures for right now.
I've been also working on cleaning and re-organizing the studio. This wasn't supposed to be a huge change BUT it has turned into a monster. I decided that I wanted to be able to see the gemstones I was going to work with. SO I now have a design cage. I'll have pictures's not done yet. I've still got a couple more days (afternoons) of bagging and tagging.
Thank all of you that either left comments on my blog or PM'ed me!!!! You folks are wonderful!!!!!
Have a happy, creative day!