New Lampwork Bead Set...New Jewelry Designs...Whatsup

Here's my Thursday eBay auction that I put up last night. I've got a couple more that I need to process. Those will be 3-Day auctions.

The below was kewl to torch. Every once in a while, I need a bit of a change. I've been doing sooooooooo much 96 coe/reduction glasses for this new series, I was beginning to get burned out. So I pulled out the enamels. It's hues are in ivory, purple, cobalt, sky blue, dark periwinkle and various enamels. They look so much better in's really hard to get all the fine details and color variations in a photo.

As I've been chatting about for a while, I've been working on some jewelry designs. I had to take the time and sit down to make some chainbacks. (those of the wonderful little sterling thingies that make bracelets and necklaces adjustable) While I was there, I worked up another idea I had for a jewelry line that I want to do. I like lampwork and gemstones but...ya know, sometimes it's just nice to have a simple and more classic piece of jewelry. Kinda like a favorite pair of jeans, something that goes with everything.
Here's another bracelet pattern that I've been working on too. (this is also the reason why I need more chainbacks) The base of the design is made from cubes...they make up into a very, very stable back for beadwork jewelry. Then I also use some of the new Delica 10/0's. LOVE the 10/0's. They work up quick but the main reason is that the bead hole is larger so that I can reinforce the ends. That makes a bracelet like this much more Timex (takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'). Which makes a huge difference to me. I have a life time guarantee on my work so I work very hard to come up with designs that will take the wear and tear of daily wear.
Here's also a new pattern I've been work on too. They are very comfortable yet dramatic earrings. You'll be seeing much more of this style.
That's it for the pictures today. I'm still working on the design cage...BUT I'm making progress. I also have been working on some more lampwork ideas...most of which you will NEVER see here. They were pulled from the mandrels and were given a quite burial. I will have some pics soon of the ideas that have some merit.

OK...that's it for today. I'm off to do some errands!