Ebay Auctions for this Week!

I haven't been around much...I've been working on a new series. I'll have pictures later. I've also been out shopping...a lot. Remember when I said I was in the process of working on new jewelry lines? Well, the process has begun and it's feels WONDERFUL!!!! I'll post updates soon. I've got most of the reduction/iris beads made. Now the designing begins. Well, that's after I get my studio clean and re-organized. The place is a total pit. We had some HVAC work done a while ago and the opening to the attic is in my beading studio. Well...talk about a MESS! I've got dust on everything. I also had to move things around. Actually I just piled them up in the corners, on tables, and various other hiding places. Bad move, now I've got to clean everything up. I can't stand to work in a dirty-messy studio.

Other than that, I've got a few auctions up on eBay currently. Taaa-daaa...here they are:

Here recently, I haven’t made too many bead sets in my chaos style. I just had to do one. Sometimes I just get the itch. The above is called Dali II. I had a great time working on these.

The above will start tomorrow evening...it's called Growl. :-)
Above...Dali I...This is the ‘sister’ set to a nuggets up for auction this week. These beads are large hole beads made on a 1/8th sized mandrel. Just the right size for earrings, bangles, neckpieces, or on chain.
These (above) look so much nicer in person...I liked them well enough to make myself a set.

Well that's it for me...I'll try not to make it so long next time.