It’s still raining here!

Texas has had drought conditions for several years but this year has been extreme when it comes to rain. We aren’t in an area that floods but many people are. Our yard looks like the rainforest. The bugs, little critter, and birds are flourishing because of the rain. The rivers and lakes around here are filled to the brim, much more and Austin is going to have problems like the rest of the state is.

We’ve only been in Texas for three years, but this is the first summer that we’ve actually had grass. The entire back yard is lush and green. Which is wonderful in some ways but it has to be cut weekly now. We have an entire fencerow of bamboo, which is taking over our yard. OMG, by the end of summer, we may reach jungle status.

Today…I’m off to the studio. I’ve got some new colors and designs to try out!!!! I’m changing the amount to time I spend on the torch. EBay sales are down and I’m also getting a bit bored of just sitting on the torch all day. There’s just something about making all these bead sets and not taking the time to make my own jewelry. So, it’s time to juggle my schedule a bit. I’ve got a pad full of designs and haven’t taken the time to work them. I also miss metal work soooooooooo I’ll be posting new work pretty soon.

Have a happy, creative day!