Here's Another Lampwork Bead Set

Thank you everyone! The website bead sale has been wonderful. Beady dudes are gettting ready to move on to their new homes. I will start packing up all the beady dudes this morning. Then it's off to the post office. I'm am so glad that I've finally figured out click and ship!!! Sure beats standing in line at the post office. Who said you can't teach an old dog new tricks? :-)

The above bead set is one of my favorite color combo. I didn't etch it but it would also look totally fab etched. I will be putting this set up on eBay pretty soon.
I got my huge pile o'beads cleaned yesterday. OMG, I spent several hours at the sink doin' my dremel duty. A couple of the bead sets I'm VERY pleased with. Some of the experiments turned out well too. So all is good.