A Clive Day!

Have any of you read anything by Clive Barker? Well, take a gamble…his work is rich in plots and characters. There have been a couple of times that I’ve had to stop reading his work for a while because it’s given me nightmares. He creates an entire world for the mind to work with.

If you are one of those creative types like me…try his Abarat series. I finished up the first book and will be listening to the second book in the series today. It’s kinda like Stephen King does Seuss. Maybe even like Harry Potter in drag. I must have Harry Potter on the brain right now. I'm waiting, not well either, for Saturday and the last book to arrive.
Here's some new sets that will appear sometime (this week) on my website.
The below is one of my favorite sets....
Fall hues....
I've got a custom that I'm finishing up today and THEN...I'm going to work on some more fall hues. I'm also working on some dragonfly wing earrings. We'll see, the pattern isn't looking as good as I thought it would.
Have a great day!!!!