New Lampwork and My Muse....

Here's some eye candy for ya'll!

The below is a lovely set that I really couldn't get a decent photograph of. It's all 96 COE with mixes of different sizes of raku. I don't know why I like the beads so much, I just do. The below is part of the huge mound of beads that I made in this color combo. I kept some for me. :-)

I've been kinda busy this weekend...but now the house is quite and I'm getting a few chores caught up. I did take some time for pictures and will have more finished tomorrow.
My hand is much, much better. I've now got new skin on the top of my's a lovely hue of pink. Much like the color of Pink Peruvian Opal. :-) Anyway, today will be my first FULL day at the torch in a long while. Mostly what I've been doing is short sessions and mostly just experiments.

Since I'm fully back in the saddle, I will be working on beads for the website. I figure it's about time that I paid more attention to my website. I seem not to have enough time for everything. How does everyone do it? Do they employ elves to help out or what? It might be that I've also come to the age that I need sleep. :-)

I've also come to a stage that typical, same ol' doesn't cut it for me any longer. I've only added lampworking to my odd mix of mediums since 9/04 so I'm coming up on my 4 year anniversary. Most lampworkers have some sort of style or design that they are known for at this point. I don't...the mystery of glass still enthralls me (and I have NO intentions of ever teaching). When it stops, I'll walk away from lampworking. Maybe I'll go back, maybe I won't. That's what happened to me with metalsmithing. One day, I went to the studio and just couldn't stand to pick up another hammer. That was it, the fat lady sang her melancholy song.

Then about a year ago, the silver started whisper to me. So I started making large linked chain with a little butane torch....then more whispers started. A year later, I find that I miss metal. I'm lucky that didn't get rid of all my metal tools. I kept most of them boxed up. My Muse wants them practical lady says, "NO, not don't have enough room in the studio and you will be moving out of state in less than a year. Just wait!" So I'm waiting. :-) Not patiently and not well, but I'm waiting. To be honest, I really don't have the room...I've got more tools geared for metal than I have glass. Those have visited my studio know that I have enough glass to supply a small glass shop. :-)

BTW, those little butane torches are totally fab. I used to work with a big bulky acetylene National torch mostly...some times a Little Smith. Both got great heat but was a bit much on working for long days at the bench. For small jobs, the butane torches are wonderful and I would fully recommend them as a second torch. Or if you only did soldering, they would do the job well. They really aren't that great for brazing though.
Well that's enough of my ramble...I'm off to the studio.
Have a happy, creative day!!!!!