More Lampwork Bead Sets

The above is part of a HUGE set that I split up into three medium sets. I will have all three up on eBay this evening. Can you tell by the hues that I'm already droolin' for fall. I really shouldn't wimper too much, the weather here has been rainy (which we really need) and kinda cool for the normal. Usually you can fry an egg on the sidewalk around here. So I am thankful for the dipping temps.

The above is a set that I was working on my 'natural' look. The pale lavender comes out with a blue tint. It's lovely with blue lace agate.

The below was a dot study. Since I burnt my hand, I've been working with a lot of dots to get my stringer control back. It has worked out better than I thought. I actually like dots and a lot of the jewelry that is currently being made with them. Since I'm changing my time schedule a bit, I'm getting ready to go back and spend time designing again. Mmmmm....maybe it's time that I made some dots for me. :-)

Well that's about it....I've still got to get packages to the post office and pick up after the critters. I'm delaying...there's isn't anything that I won't do instead of cleaning the cat box.

Have a happy, creative day!