Interesting...I'm just not sure.

The above lampwork bead set has been made from some of the new colors of 96 COE glass that I just got in. The clear is actually a pale straw color...lovely in person but I can't seem to get a good picture of it. The beads in my hand look so much better than in the pics. What's up with that? It seems my photography skills are declining. :-)

Other than that, I've been on the torch less time than I would like. I'm still working on getting back to I was pre-burn. Which is very just taking me so long to get back my stringer control. That's all is missing. You wouldn't believe just how many beads that hit the water. Maybe I need to bribe my Muse.

Anyway...have a great day...I'm off to the studio. Well after I get my ebay auctions set and ready to pop up tonight. As you can tell, I've been really cutting back on the number of bead sets that I've been putting up. Yippers, it's the combo of the burn and my Muse being on vacation.