Peaceful Easy Feeling II...cutting back a bit.

Sorry that I haven't been posting as much as normal. I've been cutting back on computer time. The slice of the time pie is only so big and something has got to give. So this has been one of them.

The other thing I've got to do is cut back on is eBay. I'm spending soooooo much time on auctions that I'm neglecting my website. Plus the shipping costs and ebay fees have raised...not to mention PayPal fees plus all the other costs of doing business. :-) Then there is the time involved...don't even doesn't make sense to me either. I was going to add ETSY but between customs, ebay, and my website...I'm just out of time. I've got at handful of customs to complete and than I will take a breather from them for a couple of weeks.

I don't know how long I will cut back...maybe be a month...or maybe the rest of the year. I don't know yet. I think maybe part of my burnout is that this is the time of the year I loved the most...the beginning of show season. Which I'm not doing any shows here in it's depressing. Totally depressing. Doing shows is how my business started out and I miss them.

I'm not cutting back on making beads really...I'm just getting ready to keep a lot of them for myself. I have kept some but not enough to work up many of my jewelry designs. Which are mostly sketched out but now I've got to gather up the beads I all the other pieces and parts to complete them.

Above and below are pics of "Peaceful Easy Feeling II". I have to admit, these are pretty and they took me forever to complete. This set, in my mind, was to be very busy/detailed yet easy to design with.
The below is a pic of the full set...

That's it for me today...I'm off to work on another beady design.

Have a happy, creative day!