New Lampwork...Strangefellows

I'm still around, I've been back on the torch. My hand is healing and I'm getting caught up on a few things.

Here's a set that I got pictures of...Strangefellows.

I’ve used spot reduction on the glass to achieve interesting reaction. The glass is a mixture of reduction glasses with silver. Each bead is unique in design as the individuals that will be wearing these beauties. They look a lot better when you click the pic to enlarge. They will go well with a lot of natural stones.

As you can tell by the name of these beady dudes, I’ve been reading Simon R. Green’s series. It’s about tales from the Nightside. It’s a bit warped but very funny. Kinda like Mayberry does Twilight Zone sort of humor.
I've got to get pics of my day at the silver bench...I guess it's like riding a bike.
Have a great rest of your weekend!