More lampwork bead set and Future work

I've got a sink full of beads to clean, a pile of beads to divide up into sets, and another huge pile on my desk. I've been busy trying to get back in the swing of things. My hand if much better but now it itches like the devil. The main reason why I haven't been on the forums or on the computer is that I'm working on a new series and trying to figure out another style of beads. I'm getting a bit bored with my typical 'chaos' style beads. I have to admit, they are wonderful to design jewelry with. There's enough color to either stand alone or be mixed with accents or wire.

I really like the some of the more a modern painters as an inspiration. The only thing is that where the bead has large color blocks, great for jewelry design; they are boring to make at the torch. Coming up with a balance between visually interesting and anti-boredom hasn't been easy. I'm think that I might go back to making dot beads...I still remember my 'Larry Scott' class that I took many years ago. At least take a break for a week or so.

There's pics of my same ol' design of chaos style beads....
As many of you know, I've cut back on ebay auctions. (BTW, the above set will be up on ebay this Thurs eve.) It's giving me time to play at the torch and make beads for myself. Sometime this weekend, I will get some pictures of some of the jewelry that I'm back to making.

Now off to the torch...

Have a happy, creative day!