Lampwork...lots of hours on the torch

I've been spending lots of hours on the torch. I never knew just how much trouble a large burn could cause. I lost some range of motion in a couple of my fingers. I should of gotten some PT (physical therapy) but it's better.

Here's a new set, it looks great in person. I did have a bit of trouble with the photography with this set though. They will make some great some wonderful accent beads.

This is an interesting set...great with causal clothes. I can see these made into a bracelet.
Other than being on the torch for hours everyday, I'm not doing much. I haven't been on the computer much but I'm still here. Hopefully, I will start working on my list of customs this weekend. I didn't want to start the customs until my hand was working like it should. :-)
If you have requested a custom from me and wondering when you will receive them, contact me. But I'm currently starting on the list.
Have a happy, creative day!!!!