I'm back!! New Ebay Sets....

I'm back in the saddle again...kinda. Having a full 2nd degree burn on your right hand sucks. It would of been so bad except that it was the entire top of my hand. I mostly read, watched movies, and shopped on eBay.

I didn't realized just how much it impairs daily life to have an hand injured. It was hard getting dressed, doing laundry was a major undertaking, and forget about cleaning. Every cleaning solution burns...every little bump made me cuss up a blue streak...it even was a challenge to sleep the night without waking myself up. Now since I'm feeling a bit better, I've to to clean the house, go grocery shopping, and so all the little things that didn't get done.

I was at my silver bench yesterday, the results are currently tumbling. I didn't realize just how much I missed metal. If they turn out ok...I will get some pics. If they don't turn out...you won't see the pieces. :-)

Well I'm also back on eBay...the below is a set (Dreamscape) that will be up starting this evening. It's a lovely set...Swirling, twirling, and tumbling color marks this bead set. The depth in these beads are sensational but hard to capture with a digital camera. I’ve double and triple encased many of the extra large sprees. If I dreamed in color, I’d dream these beads.

The below is is Painted Desert. People and colors are much a like in some ways…opposites do attract. The hues reflect the desert, sand and sky. The large buttons are a glorious shape to work with. They have a large amount of canvas yet are sleek and comfortable to wear.
That's it for me...I've got to get lots of errands done today and MAYBE get on the torch. We'll see but it will be either today or tomorrow that I'm making beads again.

Have a happy, creative day!