Working on MORE Lampwork Beads

I've been hard at work...I've been sitting in front of the torch so much my eyes are beginning to cross. :-)

The below is a lovely set in person. It is currently up for grabs....more eBay auctions. :-)

This set (below) will be up on eBay next week.

I've got a couple orders of glass that finally arrived and a couple more that are due soon. So I will be spending the weekend working on test beads. I also need to spend some time at the 'other' torch. It's time to work at my silver bench. I've got all the sterling cut, tumbled, and dipped so IT'S TIME! It takes a while to get everything prepped so I can just sit down and work.
I've also been shopping for beads myself. There's just something about carved jade. I've been stalking out sellers. As you can tell, I've been working on jewelry again.
Have a great weekend everyone. I'll be hiding in the studio most of the time.