New Lampwork and Interview on Bead Circle

I’ve been hard at work in front of the torch and I haven’t taken the time to click a lot of pics…but…here’s one that I did. The beads are my typical but I love how the colors came out. I can visualize this beads in a 'fringie' (I'm not sure that this is a real word) seed beaded bracelet and necklace. It just screams flora and fauna.

Here lately, I've been trying to come up with color schemes that are at least three seasons...if not all four. Many times I've made a piece of art jewelry for someone, and it becomes one of their favorite pieces. It's nice to have a piece a 'favorite' jewelry that can be worn more than one season of the year.

If you would like to read a short article on annealing that I wrote for "Bead Circle", take a peek. It's gives the lampwork buyer another piece of info that they could use when buying beads. I've also got an interview up today on "Bead Circle". For those that don't know me eyeball to eyeball, it does give you some insight of the person behind the torch. :-)

If anyone has a topic or question regarding lampwork, drop me an email( moon at ). I've got several short articles that I'm currently writing. It always helps to have suggestions!!!!!!

I also put up a handful of new $.99 auctions up last night on eBay. It's not a lot but I'm also working on a website update too. Hopefully I can get that done next week. I've got a couple more auctions that I've got sitting here on my desk...just waiting for me to get them written up. So if I can get that done, there will also be some more auctions in store.

I need to get better organized or drink more go juice. I just don't have the time for everything...that or I'm not spring chicken anymore. BTW, this year I will be fifty in September.

OK...I'm off to the post office...have a great day!