New Glass and New eBay Lampwork Auctions

I got some new glass some pretty new colors!!!!! I got it all unpacked and put the box in the mud room, ready for the trash. Then in comes Nox, the Texas Bubba Boy kitty. He's nesting for the day.

I really shouldn't call him a boy. He's now over seventeen pounds and a royal pain in the ass some days. There's been a couple of times that Yarrow, the 110 pound dog, has backed away from him. Can we say moody and spoiled? That's my bubba brat. :-)
Here he is trying to look regal. :-) All kidding aside, he's a very loving kitty to me. He's very chatty and cuddly...BUT he's a biter. There is no body part that is off limits. Parts is parts to him.

It's a rain day in Austin today. So I've been sitting indoors, processing pictures and doing write ups like a good little girl. I will be posting a handful of $.99 eBay auctions tonight. I will hopefully have the website updated soon. Can you tell that I'm drowning in beads and I need the storage room.

After all these new beads get out and about, I will be backing off a bit on lampwork. I'm feeling the need to be at my silver bench. Plus it's good for me to go back to making jewelry. It keeps my beads fresh...if that makes any sense.

Ok...back to work for me. There's not rest for the self-employed. :-)